Same story today as every other… Anything that can go wrong will with this project, evidently.

I made an appointment to get the RV inspected today. Mentioned that the only thing stopping it from passing the last time were clearance lights. I do the driveway shuffle (moving cars out of the way to get the RV out) and drive to the inspection place. The guy walks out and looks at the RV and is like, “Oh… I’m going to have to reschedule you.” WHAT?! Apparently RV’s cannot fit into his shop, so he has to hook up a hose extension to do the emissions on them, and his hose has a hole in it, so he cannot do the emissions. I clearly stated that clearance lights were the issue last time. What the hell did he think I was driving, a VW Rabbit?? So I drove back home, and while waiting for my roommate’s friend to move his car out of the way, I turned the windshield wipers on because the window was dirty and LO and behold, the washer fluid doesn’t work. At that point I could have just cried. Two months ago, the technician who did the last inspection certified that the washer fluid worked. So what could have happened between then and now that it does not work? So I log online, where I find that there is virtually no info anywhere for a model of Flash’s age. So now I’m buying a Chilton manual which claims it will work for her, which will cost me $30 and not be here for God only knows how long… My silicone remover is in “shipped” status, but still showing no tracking info, so I know they haven’t actually sent it out yet, even though it was ordered over a week ago.

I’m just feeling very discouraged, and on days like this, I wonder if this is the universe trying to tell me something, or if this is just the story of my life.

At this point, I will only have 2 weekends left to get everything up and going before the trial, or I will not be taking the motorhome.  And if that sealant remover doesn’t arrive ASAP, I’m just going to be screwed entirely.

Not a happy camper.

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