Thar she blows!

So here she is, on the day I brought her home:


The previous owners decided that she was a boy, and named her Flash. They had the emblem even put on the hood, lightning bolt and all. It makes me laugh.

You can see in the picture that some of the clearance lights along the front on the top are missing or mangled. They were the only thing preventing it from passing inspection. Everything on it seems pretty good. At some point in the past, there was water damage inside, but it’s been dry for a long time. Nothing inside is wet. We’ve been having some pretty good rainstorms this summer, and it doesn’t seem to have sprung a leak. It looks like someone previously coated the roof with some kind of roof seal, and it’s held up well. Someone also caulked along most of the seams on the outside with silicone (I’ll get to that in the next post), so none of the windows have been leaking either.

Something seems to be wrong with the battery or alternator. It will start right up, and then refuse to start minutes later. Then minutes later, it will start up just fine… I didn’t start it for a week, went outside, and it started right up. A month later I went out to start it and it was dead as a doornail. So I bought a battery, and Kyle and Andy came over and we installed that, and she started up better than ever. I’m going to take her into AutoZone to get a free test done to see if the alternator is the issue. I really hope the issue was just the battery, but who knows.

So first things first, I ordered some clearance lights from Great lights, great service, great price. Two thumbs up there.


Had the lights in under a week, and Kyle came over to install them, since I don’t know jack about electrical, and I really don’t want to be the cause of my RV burning down.


We worked until well after dark getting them installed, but they look great (I didn’t think to take pix of the install until the sun had already set – duh). Here’s the finished product:


Things are coming together! Thanks, Kyle and Andy! 😀

Next up on the Flash to-do list is stripping all the exposed caulk from around the seams and re-caulking them all, as well as re-sealing the roof.

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